“My wife and I had a long term relationship (but a very short marriage) before I found her twice with another man. We separated, we had limited community property, we agreed on an easy deal. One of Raggio & Raggio’s prior clients referred me to them. They prepared simple divorce papers including an Agreed Decree of Divorce and a name change document for my wife, and got the
petition filed. “I presented the papers to my wife, expecting her readily agree and to sign them. Raggio & Raggio had given me specific instructions on how to get the Divorce Decree signed by the Judge myself, as I thought this was a very simple deal.
“Well, guess what. My wife wouldn’t sign the papers. She hired a lawyer. Her lawyer sent me discovery. So I again hired Raggio & Raggio to represent me in what was now a contested case
likely to go on for a while. But Ken Raggio took decisive steps to quickly arrange for a meeting with my wife and her attorney. I took all my documents to this settlement conference and we were able
to resolve the differences. Ken then made a few changes required to update the Decree, and we went to court and we got the divorce finalized within a week of my wife hiring her attorney.
It is clear that it was Ken’s experience that allowed me to quickly resolve the situation, instead of letting the discovery process and court procedures – and court expenses – envelop us. This
saved both me and my spouse a lot of money and got us on our way to our new lives much quicker. I am grateful to Raggio & Raggio.” MT

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