Social Media And Electronic Evidence In Texas Divorce Cases

Social media and electronic evidence can be your friend or worst enemy in your divorce. Our Dallas family law and divorce attorneys at Raggio & Raggio, PLLC can help you understand how emails, texts, Facebook posts, recordings and other electronic information may be used in your circumstances.

Social Media Posts And Electronic Exchanges: Hurting Or Helping You?

It’s not uncommon for people to discuss their disappointments, dissatisfactions and distaste for their spouses during a rocky marriage on social media websites as well as in online and phone messages. This type of incriminating evidence leaves the door open for a divorcing spouse to use against the individual to prove important factors that could seriously alter the outcome of the divorce.

Managing attorney and shareholder Kenneth Raggio is a frequent author and lecturer on family law topics such as social media and electronic evidence. He, along with the rest of our team, diligently works to help our clients understand the repercussions of negative communication regarding their spouses in:

  • Facebook updates, wall posts and photos
  • Twitter feeds
  • Blog entries
  • Vlog entries
  • YouTube videos
  • Emails
  • Social media messages
  • Text messages
  • Other mobile media posts
  • Recording devices including locational recording devices
  • Surveillance cameras and photos

The real problems come when someone tries to “catch” their spouse in an incriminating act or communication by breaking the law, sometimes installing illegal wiretaps or computer taps. Or when an individual or their attorney tries to hide or eliminate evidence by destroying posts, texts, emails, etc.

At Raggio & Raggio, we recognize that every situation is unique. We urge you to call our firm to learn more about social media and electronic evidence and how it may be used to your advantage or disadvantage in your divorce case.

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