“I am a professional. My wife indicated that she was considering a divorce so I went on the Internet googling Best Lawyers in Dallas and luckily found the name of Ken Raggio. I went in for a consultation with him and shortly thereafter hired him. My wife hired another top tier divorce law firm to represent her. We had meetings of the four of us and I produced, under Ken’s guidance, all kind of documents to my wife and her attorney that really showed them all they needed to know for us to be able to get to a deal. He kept pointing out to me that this or that is what I would want to have given to me if I was in the other lawyer’s shoes. Ken’s advice was so thorough that we didn’t need to take any depositions or get expensive appraisals of property except on the house and some business personal property.”

“Ken introduced me to a concept I had never heard of before – – an owelty lien on the house. This was a way for me to keep the house that the family was living in, but be able to get a loan against the house so that my wife got her fair share of all the assets, including the equity in the house, the value of my professional practice, and all the other assets I took on during the divorce. My house payment now is about the same that I would have if I was renting an apartment!”

“I highly recommend Ken Raggio and his firm for divorce. They aren’t cheap but they are worth it.”

“On the kids, Ken explained to me what the options were and we ended up with a true 50/50 week on/week off possession of the kids. Ken showed me how to be firm sometimes and compromising at other times and it worked out for the best for both the custody arrangements and the divorce property arrangements.”



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